Stichtite in Serpentine Heart Penadant

The Rare and Beautiful

Rare Tasmanian Serpentine ans Stichtite
  • Rare Tasmanian Serpentine ans Stichtite
  • Stichtite in Serpentine Pendant for Sale
  • Atlantisite Pendant from Tasmania for sale
  • $75.00

This stunning heart pendant has been made with love. Also known as Atlantisite this beautiful combination of two minerals is found on the West Coast of Tasmania, Australia. Stichtite is formed by the alteration of chromite in serpentine, this stone is used by crystal healers to improve kundalini. Sterling silver 925 has been used to set this heart and we have purposely cut the silver out on the back so that the stone can touch the wearer's skin.  

3.5cm width 4.5cm length



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